Our Spring program is designed to teach the fundamental basics of football. We teach these basics through skills, drills and non-contact games. All skill levels of football are welcomed and challenged in our program. At the beginning of each practice we have a group meeting with the kids where we go over our thoughts on football. The first aspect we talk about is "RESPECT." We believe football is a game of RESPECT. As a player it is important to RESPECT the game of football. It is important to RESPECT your teammates, opponents and coaches. The second aspect we discuss if EFFORT. We believe, that whether in practice or a game, that it is important for the players to put forth their best EFFORT that they can. We convey that the same goes for in the class room or helping out at home that EFFORT is a key component of life. Finally we talk about having FUN. Football, most importantly, is a FUN game for the kids (and coaches). We want to have as much FUN as we can out on that field and for the kids to have the best FUN football experience possible.